Friday, November 13, 2015

Arting Around Town...or...Another Photo Dump

As far as blogging goes, I got nothin', so here are some more pictures from the last few weeks.
This is the little college in my town, and it looks so much like
my alma mater.  I texted my best friend who I met in college
and said that I could have tricked him into believing I'd made
a trip there.  He responded that he would have believed me!

Took my mom to said hometown college for their visiting
artist series.  The Nai-Ni Chen dance company was there,
and their performance made it feel like we'd travelled to a
large city and paid a hundred bucks a pop for tickets.  Instead,
it was a fifteen minute drive and free tickets.  Free (well, sponsored)
arts are grand, indeed.

I'd had this picture for ages meaning to bedazzle it in some
way, and did so on Halloween.  Goofy fun.

Current gallery exhibit at the college.  Really interesting stuff.

Credit to the artist seen on the wall.  The year span is the gentleman's
career at the college, not lifespan.  He's alive and well.

Definitely click this one for a closer look, if you will.  Each small panel
is an individual canvas.  The artist took photos, then painted the images
in brighter colors than those in life.  Fantastic.  More info below.

I like sitting and reading at this coffee shop.  These pictures were taken
during a chilled out week off wherein I looked at as much art as possible around
town, and would end up here.  I was on an internet/phone ban, and it was nice.

I did complete one little project that week.  I re-potted my yucca
cane trees that really needed it, and always wonder why in the hell
they live in Indiana!  Poor things.  Don't worry, that sad peace lily
back there got re-potted, too (in the yuccas' old ones), and is
thriving now, along with its...sibling?  I got a peace lily from
my workplace and one from my bff when my dad died in January.

This is what a pile of ice cream shop looks like!  This business has been in
my town for 60 years.  It's not going away, just rising from the ashes.  I'm
curious as to what it will look like when finished.

The drive-up menu remains.

This was an oddball frame that my sister-in-law bought at a thrift store and
never used.  When she, my brother and niece moved to Florida this summer,
she gave this to me (and tried to give me a lot more...moving makes you
frantic to purge!).  I finally realized a good use for Edinburgh Fringe
Festival "poster" post cards.  They make me happy when I glance at them. 
To the left, you see a vintage Halloween mask that I got last year.  I was
surprised when it made a cracking noise when I pulled it out of my Halloween
box, and I realized that it was actually two of them stuck together.  The one
underneath was really well preserved!  They're from the sixties or seventies, and
 I got them for three bucks at a crazy vintage/thrift store in Lafayette.  I guess
 I owe them three more dollars!

I went to a dinner theater with my pal Amanda, who got us the tickets for
free.  It was a fun Halloween treat a few weeks before the actual holiday.
Since my brother moved, she is my main theater connect in Indy!  It was
such a nice surprise, because she called me just two days in advance, not
knowing that she was going to be given tickets.  Sweet!

Said pal, Amanda!  My brother is friends with "Morticia,"
so I said "hello" to her for him after the show.

Prop organ from "Phantom" as a decoration at the entrance.

Grand-mamah's cart of occult arts and doodads was parked right by our table!

Dinner was great!

This is what breakfast looks like when I'm on vacation.  When I'm
working...not so much.

This autumn, I've walked this trail as much as possible before winter comes.

Turn around or else! 

On the "Peanuts" movie website, you can peanuts yourself.  This is me!

Said niece from before, in Florida and

I forgot to add these to my last post.  That street is named
after my ancestor.  The spelling is different, hence the pun,
but when I discovered that they have this pub crawl
every year on "our" street, it made me laugh so much.  I
love it!  I found all of the posters for it online, and I
show them to family members whenever I can.  We
get a kick out of it.  I think if I ever go to Nashville at
Halloween, I should get in for free...or at least at a discount.  :)


That's all I've got for now.  Maybe I'll return to writing stuff again someday!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Phone Clean-Up

I've been passing out candy to cutie-patootie trick-or-treaters, and watching Re-Animator.  Is this what Halloween is at 41?  I've been doing Halloween stuff all month, so I think I'm fizzled out for the actual night of my favorite of all holidays.
So, this is pretty silly, but here are some Halloween-ish pictures that I've saved in my phone for ages, and want to delete.  In the cases of artsy stuff, per usual, I regret not remembering/finding out whodunit.  Sorry, artists! 
A fantastic Halloween/Christmas portrait of
my favorite author...Neil Gaiman.  Y'all know
that by now, I guess.

A wonderful poster of one of my
top five favorite films.

One of my favorite incarnations of this meme.  Alas, I still
need to see the movie.  (Straight Outta Compton, not Hocus Pocus).

London under attack.  ACH NOH!!!

Not really Halloween themed, but I adore
this painting, and it pretty much looks like this
tonight.  I do know who created this.  It's
Night, by Alice Neel, c. 1936--the year my
dad was born.

So stinkin' clever.  The human body mapped as
as a subway system.  Credit is given at the bottom
but I can't see it.  Click to "embiggen" and maybe
you can read it.

This really cracked me up.  I love examples of
kids' work that proves when he or she is
"one to watch".

Always makes me smile. :)

It's a night of masks, after all. 

Love her and this, for those of us who aren't offbeat on just one
night a year.

Again with the Gaiman fan art.  So perfect.

I'm taking the skeleton down from my door and
turning out the porch light.  Happy Halloween, all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In which I Write for You a Poem, Right Now, with Much Forced Rhyme, and No Wit, Per Se, and which is Best Spoken Aloud by You at as Quick a Pace as Possible, with the Typical Shouting at the Sight of All Caps

Wanna hear it?  Here it goes...

Halloweeny, Halloweeny!
Time for ghosts and ghouls and meanies
Halloweeny, Halloweeny!
Jack the Ripper, clowns and Sweeney
Halloweeny, Halloweeny!
Time for spells in books, on screenies
Halloweeny!  Halloweeny!
Wear a glow stick, wear a beanie

Halloweeny!  Halloweeny!
Lenny, Squiggy, Shirley Fini

Halloweeny!  Halloweeny!
Be the lamp or be the genie

Halloweeny!  Halloweeny!
More forced rhyme that ends with "eeny"
Halloweeny!  Halloweeny!

That's it.  Happy Halloween, everybody!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Well, Well, Well...

Last weekend, I met someone who is an icon to me--the actor and comedian Leslie Jordan!
Like many people who know of him, my introduction to Leslie was his guest-starring role (11 episodes) on the show Will & Grace, which was ground-breaking in its time, and really underneath its layers just an old-fashioned romantic comedy.  His bits on the show usually started with the title of this post.  "Well, well, well...Karen Walker.  I thought I smelled gin and regret" is one of his most memorable deliveries.  The role earned him an Emmy award.  He's been around show business for decades, and his filmography scrolls down and down.
I really got to know more about Mr. Jordan through a gift that was given to me, a dvd of his one-man show, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.  He's a hilarious and masterful storyteller, and in that show, he tells of his growing-up years in Tennessee, his trek to Hollywood, and coming to terms with sexuality and sobriety.  It sounds pretty heavy, but he delivers it with charm, humor, and well-spun profanity.  It's worth a watch if you can find it somewhere.
At the moment, he's touring another one-man stint, Show Pony, the one my best friend Chris took me to as a month-late birthday get together (his is August 17th, mine the 18th).  It happened at Play, a gay club in Louisville, and was two hours of hilarity.  I probably haven't laughed that hard and long since Chris and I went to see Kathy Griffin a few years ago.
Funny stuff!  Here is the documentation...



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quotes of the Week Accidental Themes: London and Religion

I collected a couple of quotes from the book that I'm reading (which I do these days by taking a picture of them--is that dumb, or what?  But it makes me remember to put them here...).  The Dawkins one was written on a card that I'd stuck in a folder of "stuff to blog."  Most of the "stuff" got placed in the recycling bin instead, because I didn't really care anymore about what was written there.  Dawkins is always good for a zinger, and he's a non-theist Brit known for sparring with religion, and the two quotations from Kraken are about London and religion...specifically squid-worshipping ones, you

...maybe that would take too long to explain.  Without further ado, here are the Quotes of the Week.  Let's get kraken.  (Booooooooooo!).

The streets of London are stone synapses hardwired for worship.  Walk the right or wrong way down Tooting Bec you're invoking something or other.  You may not be interested in the gods of London, but they're interested in you.

A plague of ennui afflicted London's manic prophets.

                           --both from Kraken, by China Miéville

Just as I wouldn't expect a gynecologist to have a debate with somebody who believed in the stork theory of reproduction, I won't do debates with young Earth creationists.

                           --(Oh, snippity snap!)  Richard Dawkins

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Poor Biorn!

Falling down the rabbit hole of the internet tonight, I came across this brilliant little tale about afterlife destination(s).  Besides the good story, humor, and Norse mythology (which I love), the animation is just beautiful.  I ended up subscribing to the YouTube channel where this was posted, which highlights work done by students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. 

At a seven minute investment, I recommend it wholeheartedly.  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summertime: Outdoor Theater, Artsy Bears, and Poultry...I Dunno

Shakespeare in the Park with my pal.  Twelfth Night.  We brought a picnic and drank honey wine, and it was lovely.


More of these guys in West Lafayette.  This one is my favorite...


My balcony garden--ONE tomato plant.  I've meant to grow lots of veg and herbs every year since I've lived in this place (seven).  I'm going to do more next summer.  Really!

A coffee shop I frequent.  I'm not a huge coffee drinker--it has to be of the froo-froo variety; meaning, about 4 or 5 parts chocolate milk or whatever to 1 part coffee.  The point of going here is really the nice furniture and whatever book I'm reading at the time.  Oh!  Also, this place sells Maine Root Beer!  I had it for the first time in 2012 with my friend Heidi who lives in Maine.  I couldn't believe it when I saw it here in my small Indiana town!  The owner shopped the internet looking for a good organic, fair trade root beer, and this one fit the bill.  She feels so strongly about having it in her shop that she sells it barely over cost.  Every time I see the bottles lined up on the counter, I think of my friend and our visit.

Rainbow at Purdue University.

This one seemed a little plain compared to the others, but it does sit on a corner in front of the public library and across from a Panda Express.  So...fair enough, I guess. 

I do like that they painted over old telephone books and such, so being out in the elements makes them all weathered and cool.

Solicited or unsolicited, I know not, but here's some smarty-pants graffiti in the back of the library.

This one was done by an artist with whom I'm familiar and whose work I love very much, Zach Medler.  I should do a whole post on his stuff.


Such a sad film.  She was a beauty.  She said, "No, no, no" and now she's gone.

Well, it's a shame to go from something so serious to this nutty thing, but this is the order that the pictures loaded, so here we are.  I've spotted this guy around Indy and always wanted to take a picture.  Usually, I'd see it while speeding down the interstate or in another precarious position, so didn't want to risk mine and others' lives just for a dumb photo.  I was driving by an antique store a month or so ago, and there it was parked!  I don't know if it lives there, or what.  I still don't really know what the hell it's for!  There's a website printed on the back window, but you know...some things are best left mysteries.

Yes, in fact, that does read, "Poultry in Motion."  Thanks for asking.

I loved this movie, Mr. Holmes, so much.  I'll not likely ever get my photo taken with Sir Ian, so here I am with a cardboard display of his "graven image."  It made perfect sense at the time.